• Southern Vintage Revival

It all started with a bar.

It all started with our custom made Bed Bar...or more accurately it all started with a wedding gift.

Celena {one of our founders} and her fiance Derek were getting married, and they wanted a custom bar for their backyard nuptials. Thomas {our amazing builder and my husband} can fabricate anything. You dream it, he can make it happen for you. So when he offered to make C + D a bar for their reception, the sky was obviously the limit. The piece that came from their collaboration was nothing short of spectacular.

The bar Thomas built was a HUGE hit and everyone wanted to know where it came from...and if they could have one of their own. It was then that we realized renting out the custom build would be a great idea. And Southern Vintage Revival was created.

SVR was born of creativity and kindness which is something we will strive to continue as we grow. We're friends, we're family, and we promise to do our best to treat our clients that way as well.

The Bed Bar is fully functional, equipped with a vintage Lone Star tap, space for a wine fridge and plenty of storage.

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